MLB Free Agent Tracker – 2011/12

Atlanta Braves

  • Gonzalez, Alex – With the SS market going fast – it is most likely that the Braves bring back Gonzalez on a one-year deal (11/21).
  • Linebrink, Scott
  • McLouth, Nate
  • Sherrill, George
  • Wilson, Jack – Mets and Dodgers join the Braves as teams interested in getting Wilson next year (11/22).

Arizona Diamondbacks

  • Blanco, Henry – Re-Signed with the D-Backs (1-year, $1.2 Million) – story
  • Bloomquist, Willie – Re-Signed with the D-Backs (2-years, $3.8 Million) – story
  • Duke, Zach
  • Hill, Aaron – Re-Signed with the D-Backs (2-years, $10 Million — unconfirmed amount) – story
  • Marquis, Jason – Reportedly, the Mets have interest in Marquis to replace Chris Capuano in the rotation. (11/15)
  • McDonald, John – Re-Signed with the D-Backs (2-years, $3 Million) – story
  • Nady, Xavier
  • Overbay, Lyle
  • Saunders, Joe – He may still be offered arbitration but either way, the Red Sox will be interested (11/22).

Baltimore Orioles

  • Guerrero, Vladimir – Orioles will not offer arbitration to Guerrero.  He isn’t likely to be back with the O’s. Obviously, only AL teams will be interested at the right price – he will be 37 years old coming off a weak season.
  • Izturis, Cesar – O’s not expected to bring him back.  He could be a fallback option for teams with a shortstop need and don’t get one of the big names (11/24).

Boston Red Sox

  • Atchison, Scott
  • Bedard, Erik
  • Drew, J.D.
  • Jackson, Conor
  • Miller, Trever
  • Ortiz, David – As of right now, the Red Sox are the only team that has met with Ortiz.  Big Papi did say that the Sox will have the right to match any other offer before he signs with another team. (11/16).
  • Varitek, Jason
  • Wakefield, Tim – As of now, Wakefield says he wants to pitch one more season at age 45. (11/16)
  • Wheeler, Dan

Chicago Cubs

Chicago White Sox

Cincinnati Reds

  • Cordero, Francisco – Best offer from the Reds to date is not enough.  Reds have opened talks with A’s to acquire Andrew Bailey (11/21).
  • Hernandez, Ramon J. – The Rockies are pursuing Hernandez at this point per Ken Rosenthal (11/28).
  • Renteria, Edgar
  • Willis, Dontrelle

Cleveland Indians

  • Durbin, Chad
  • Fukudome, Kosuke – not expected to re-sign in Cleveland. (11/16)
  • Sizemore, Grady – @Ken_Rosenthal reporting Indians close to re-signing him to a one-year deal – story (11/19)…Re-signed with the Indians (1-year, $5 Million w/ $4 Million in possible bonues based on plate appearances and a $500k bonus for winning “Comeback Player of the Year Award”) – story

Colorado Rockies

Detroit Tigers

  • Betemit, Wilson
  • Guillen, Carlos – The Miami Marlins are discussing bringing in Guillen (11/29).
  • Laird, Gerald – Laird appears to be headed back to the Tigers per @jonmorosi. (11/17)…Signed with the Detroit Tigers (1-year, $1 Million) – story
  • Ordonez, Magglio
  • Penny, Brad
  • Santiago, Ramon – Re-Signed with the Tigers (2-years, money not disclosed yet) – story
  • Zumaya, Joel

Florida Marlins

  • Dobbs, Greg
  • Lopez, Jose
  • Vazquez, Javier C.

Houston Astros

  • Michaels, Jason

Kansas City Royals

  • Broxton, Jonathan – @SI_JonHeyman says that more than 10 teams are in on Broxton (11/22)…He and his agent point out that they will definitely NOT be returning to the Dodgers (11/28)…Rays, Marlins, Reds, Twins and Red Sox are interested and make the most sense at this point.  He is seeking a one-year deal to re-establish his value (11/28)…Signed a one-year deal with the Kansas City Royals (1-year, $4 Million – can be worth $5 Million with incentives based on games pitched) – story
  • Chen, Bruce – Coming off of a career year, the Royals want to bring him back but the Cubs are also interested. (11/16)…Re-signed with the Royals (2-years, $9 Million w/ up to $2 Million in bonuses possible) – story
  • Francis, Jeff – Targeted by the Dodgers via @MikeDiGiovanna. (11/17)
  • Kendall, Jason

Los Angeles Angels

  • Branyan, Russ
  • Pineiro, Joel – Earliest talk has the Cubs interested in acquiring Pineiro per MLB Trade Rumors (11/21).
  • Ramirez, Horacio
  • Rodney, Fernando

Los Angeles Dodgers

  • Blake, Casey
  • Ellis, Mark – Signed with the Los Angeles Dodgers (2-years, $8.75 Million, plus 3rd year option) – story
  • Garland, Jon
  • Kuroda, Hiroki – Latest interest is from the Diamondbacks. (11/16) … Angels also interested.  If can’t get a deal done, going back to pitch in Japan isn’t out of the question (11/17)
  • MacDougal, Mike
  • Miles, Aaron
  • Padilla, Vicente
  • Rivera, Juan – Re-Signs with the Dodgers (1-year, $4 Million) – story
  • Treanor, Matt – Signed with the Los Angeles Dodgers (1-year, $850k – with club option for ’13 at $950k & $150k buyout) – story

Milwaukee Brewers

  • Betancourt, Yuniesky
  • Counsell, Craig
  • Fielder, Prince – The Cubs hiring of Dale Sveum, the former Milwaukee hitting coach may help lure Prince to the north side. (11/17)…The Mariners could be interested.  At least one Seattle writer thinks they should be. (11/18)…Jon Heyman says that the Mariners are in fact interested but don’t know if they can afford him (11/14)…The Cubs are now inquiring about Prince now reports Ken Rosenthal (11/29)….Greg Johns confirms the M’s are in on Fielder sweepstakes (11/29)…Still no offer from Milwaukee as other suitors get in line (11/30).
  • Hairston Jr, Jerry – Ken Rosenthal mentioned that the Giants and Dodgers join the Brewers as interested parties (11/23).
  • Hawkins, LaTroy – @TroyRenck reports that the Rockies have called on Hawkins if/when they trade Huston Street. Betancourt still expects to close (11/28)…Brewers do want to keep Hawkins around (11/29).
  • Rodriguez, Francisco – Offered arbitration by Brewers.  The team hopes he doesn’t accept so they can get a pick. If he does accept, they would be on the hook for close to $13 Million.  @SI_JonHeyman doesn’t think that’s likely since he wants to close (11/24).
  • Saito, Takashi – The Brewers did not extend an arbitration offer. Signing club will not have to give up draft pick compensation. (11/16)…Brewers have “maintained dialogue” according to Brewers GM Doug Melvin (11/29).

Minnesota Twins

  • Carroll, Jamey – Signed with the Minnesota Twins (2-years, $7.0 Million) – story
  • Capps, Matt – The market appears to be strong with many teams interested.  Boston has been linked to all the big names.  Texas plans to start Neftali Feliz next year.  Other possibilities: BAL, ARZ, LAD, LAA, WAS, CIN and FLA. (11/16)…Mets met with Capps’ reps. (11/17)…Twins might be willing to give him another shot at closing (11/29).
  • Cuddyer, Mike – Expected to follow his friend Jim Thome to Philadelphia. The Phillies had him to Citizen’s Bank Park for a formal visit.  The Twins are trying to free room to keep him.  The Red Sox have “kicked the tires”. (11/16)
  • Doumit, Ryan – Turned down a 1-year, $3 Million offer from the Dodgers. (11/14) … Reportedly receiving interest from Twins. (11/16)…Signed with the Twins (1-year, $3 Million) – story
  • Kubel, Jason – Kubel has said he wants to play OF and not just DH.  The Indians need OF help and have Travis Hafner.  Other possibilities include: BOS, TB, OAK, SEA or a return to MIN. (11/17)

New York Mets

  • Batista, Miguel
  • Capuano, Chris – Not expected to be back in New York with the Mets. (11/16) … Targeted by the Dodgers via @MikeDiGiovanna. (11/17)
  • Hairston, Scott
  • Harris, Willie
  • Isringhausen, Jason
  • Reyes, Jose – Reportedly received a 6-year, $90 Million offer from the Miami Marlins. (11/15)
  • Young, Chris

New York Yankees

  • Ayala, Luis – Drawing interest from other AL East teams, including the Red Sox and Rays per @jonmorosi (11/26).
  • Chavez, Eric
  • Colon, Bartolo
  • Garcia, Freddy – Re-signed with the Yankees (1-year, $4 Million) – story
  • Jones, Andruw
  • Marte, Damaso
  • Mitre, Sergio
  • Posada, Jorge

Oakland Athletics

  • Crisp, Coco
  • DeJesus, David – The A’s have offered arbitration to DeJesus (11/23)…DeJesus rejected arbitration and Signed with the Cubs (2-years, $9 Million w/ a club option at $6.5 Million for ’14) – story
  • Harden, Rich
  • Matsui, Hideki
  • Willingham, Josh – Reportedly receiving interest from Twins. (11/16) … Offered arbitration by the A’s – waiting on his acceptance (11/23).

Philadelphia Phillies

  • Papelbon, Jon – Signed with the Philadelphia Phillies (4-years, $50 Million) – story
  • Thome, Jim – Signed with the Philadelphia Phillies (1-year, $1.25 Million) – story
  • Gload, Ross
  • Ibanez, Raul J. – The Phillies offered arbitration knowing he won’t accept it.  However, they may bring him back cheaper (11/24).
  • Lidge, Bradley
  • Madson, Ryan – Blue Jays and Marlins eye Madson, among others. (11/16)
  • Oswalt, Roy – Has had “serious” discussions with the Colorado Rockies.  Marlins inquired too.  (11/16) … Now that the Phillies didn’t offer him arbitration – it adds a couple more teams to the mix, including the Nationals (11/27).
  • Rollins, Jimmy – Being considered to by the Milwaukee Brewers to take over at shortstop (11/16)…Cardinals should “shift their focus” to Rollins if Pujols signs elsewhere (unlikely) (11/30).
  • Schneider, Brian – Re-Signed with the Phillies (waiting on terms)

Pittsburgh Pirates

  • Barajas, Rod – Signed with the Pittsburgh Pirates (1-year, $4 Million, plus ’13 club option – $3.5 M) – story
  • Barmes, Clint – Being courted by the Brewers to play shortstop.  Could also fit in STL, SF or DET as a second baseman. (11/16)…It appears the Pirates are close to signing Barmes (11/19)…Signed with the Pittsburgh Pirates (2-years, $10.5 Million) – story
  • Cedeno, Ronny
  • Lee, Derrek
  • Ludwick, Ryan
  • Maholm, Paul
  • Snyder, Chris

San Diego Padres

  • Bell, Heath – There are many suitors for his closing services and the Padres are not yet involved.  The Cubs and Red Sox appear the most interested at this point. (11/16)
  • Harang, Aaron – Targeted by the Dodgers via @MikeDiGiovanna. (11/17)
  • Hawpe, Brad
  • Kotsay, Mark – Signed with the San Diego Padres (1 year, $1.25 Million) – story
  • Qualls, Chad

Seattle Mariners

San Francisco Giants

  • Beltran, Carlos – The Giants hope to bring Beltran back. (11/19)…The Red Sox are supposedly interested; Yankees were scared away by his initial demands and the Braves could be a dark horse candidate to sign Beltran (11/29).
  • Burrell, Pat
  • Cabrera, Orlando
  • De Rosa, Mark
  • Mota, Guillermo
  • Ross, Cody

St. Louis Cardinals

  • Dotel, Octavio – Latest rumor has the Cardinals interested in bringing him back after a strong post-season performance. (11/16)…Getting more love now that he was knocked down to a Type-B free agent – the Cardinals want to bring him back, but the Reds and Tigers are also interested (11/29)…Mets are in on Dotel also it appears (11/29).
  • Furcal, Rafael – Has talked with the Brewers GM Doug Melvin about playing SS for the Brewers next year. Seeking 2-year deal worth near $16 Million – too much for STL. (11/16)
  • Jackson, Edwin – Yankees say that the asking price too high on E-Jax, will wait it out. (11/16)
  • Patterson, Corey
  • Pujols, Albert – has offer from Miami Marlins, said to be at nine years but under $200 Million total.  Will meet with Cardinals today or tomorrow. (11/16)…The Cubs are now inquiring about Pujols (11/29)…The exact figure of the Cardinals January offer to Pujols has been revealed at nine-years, $198 Million.  It isn’t known if that offer still stands.  GM Mozeliak says that he hopes to have resolution by the holidays (11/30).
  • Punto, Nick
  • Rhodes, Arthur

Tampa Bay Rays

  • Cruz, Juan
  • Damon, Johnny
  • Kotchman, Casey
  • Molina, Jose – Close to signing with the Rays. (11/18)…Signed with the Tampa Bay Rays (1-year, $1.5 Million w/ $1.8 Million club option for ’13 and a $300k buyout) – story
  • Shoppach, Kelly

Texas Rangers

  • Chavez, Endy – Latest has him reuniting with the Mets. (11/17)
  • Gonzalez, Mike
  • Nathan, Joe – Twins want him back if the dollars fit in a shrinking budget (11/16)…Signed with the Texas Rangers (2-years, $14 Million w/ 2014 club option at $9 Million and $500k buyout) – story
  • Oliver, Darren – He wants to play another season and prefers it to be with the Rangers (11/23).
  • Webb, Brandon
  • Wilson, C.J. – Yankees believed to be interested but asking price is too high right now.  Blue Jays also rumored to be interested. The Rangers do want to bring him back too. Seeking 6-years near $120 Million, which according to @SI_JonHeyman he is #dreaming. (11/16) … Wilson to visit Angels this weekend. (11/17)…Had dinner with Mike Scioscia and other team executives in Los Angeles on Monday (11/21)…Wilson continues his tour of teams during early free agency as he plans to visit Miami to meet with the Marlins after Thanksgiving (11/22).

Toronto Blue Jays

  • Camp, Shawn
  • Francisco, Frank
  • Johnson, Kelly – Johnson is stuck in neutral until teams see if the Blue Jays offer him arbitration to attempt to get a 1st round pick for him. (11/16)
  • Rauch, Jon

Washington Nationals

  • Ankiel, Rick
  • Coffey, Todd
  • Cora, Alex
  • Gomes, Jonny – Rockies have turned their focus on Gomes – story
  • Hernandez, Livan
  • Nix, Laynce
  • Rodriguez, Ivan – Wants to play in 2012 – suitors not yet known. (11/16)
  • Wang, Chien-Ming – Re-Signed with the Nationals (1-year, $4 Million) – story

International Free Agents


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